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The commencement of ONNEXT Interio is with a vision to develop a dream home for everyone which actually fits perfectly in folk’s requirement and budget.
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Living Room

We design elegant and harmonious living room which fits your requirements and your choice too. We serve you with endless ideas to recreate your living space making it worth your dreams which is perfectly decorated keeping your lifestyle as a prior concern. Every segregation of your living room is made carefully intending a comfortable and luxurious living style in your budget.

Your perfect living room can be well arranged which can sort your life to a great extent and even make it more convenient with a well-designed pooja space, dining space, shoe unit, balcony, foyer with a perfect partition from dining section, and many more.

livingroom interio

What makes your living room special and comfortable?


Foyer and Dining Space: While designing we keep a perfect balance between class and comfort and hence we segregate your foyer and dining space perfectly which maintain your privacy and also adds grace to your living area.

Pooja Room: We design a perfect place where you can connect yourself with your worship idol.


Balcony: Either you are living in a multistory building or a bungalow; balcony is a crucial part of your home which makes it livelier. Greenery is loved by everyone, and our experts are capable to innovate that green ambiance in your balcony with the help of artificial green grasses, indoor plants, stunning railings making a perfect area for your tea table where you can sit with your friends and family to have a wonderful time with a hot cup of tea or delicious snacks.

Study and Library: Generally, study room and libraries are found very boring. Let’s add colors to these boring rooms and make one of the most interesting spaces of your home where you love to spend time for your studies and work. We have amazing ideas to recreate these rooms into a stunning one. Either you love a formal study room or choose an elegant one; our experts serve you with the best output with perfect balance of color and furniture.

Curtains and Curtain Fittings: To enhance your walls and appearance of door curtains plays a main role. We provide best quality curtains with amazing looks in myriad varieties. We also serve you with curtain rods and accessories too making it a perfect fit for your home to enhance its looks.


There are many more elements listed with our creative and professional ideas. To plot all those in your living room contact our experts now and get your dream home designed same as your dreams.

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